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In this video from ITFreeTraining I will look at Integration Services for Hyper-V. Integration Services is a suite of software that, when installed in a virtual machine, improves the performance and adds features to the virtual machine.

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What is Integration Services
0:04 Integration services is software provided to give the user the best possible experience while using Hyper-V. Integration services is a suite of drivers and utilities, similar to VMWare Tools in VMWare or XenServer tools in Citrix XenServer. It replaces generic operating system drivers such as those for mouse and video with Hyper-V specific drivers to better manage the machine. Integration services also synchronizes the time between the host and virtual machine, allows file interoperability and adds a heartbeat for monitoring. Without integration services, the virtual machine uses emulation to access the host servers resources. With the services installed, it accesses the hardware directly and improves performance.

Features of Integration Services
Allows unrestricted mouse movements, so that you don’t need a keyboard shortcut to release the mouse from the virtual machine. Improves video performance and features, such as additional screen resolutions. Heartbeat service so that the host can monitor the virtual machine Data exchange ability – allows the client to pass information such as build and version to the host. Time synchronization between the guest and host. Improved snapshot performance. Remote desktop virtualization – allows management of the virtual machine from a remote desktop.

Operating Systems Supported
4:42 Windows server: Windows Server 2003 with SP2 and above

Windows client: Windows XP SP3 or Windows XP x64 with SP2 and above

Linux: CentOS 5.7,5.8, 6.0 to 6.3/Red Hat Enterprise 5.7,5.8,6.0 to 6.3/Suse Linux Enterprise Server

11 SP2/Open SUSE 12.1/Ubuntu 12.04

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Voice Talent: HP Lewis http://hplewis.com
Video Production: Kevin Luttman http://www.KevinLuttman.com
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