Microsoft Windows DNS Install on Windows Server 2012

This video will look at how to install Microsoft DNS on a clean install of Windows Server 2012.

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This DNS install will be performed on Windows Server 2012 Standard edition. DNS can be installed on any edition of Windows Server 2012.

Before you install DNS, you need to configure one static IP Address. This can be IPv4 or IPv6 or both.

1) To start the install, launch Server Manager from the quick launch.

2) From server manager, select the option on the start screen “Add roles and features”.

3) Once you are past the welcome screen, the next screen will ask if you want to perform the install on the physical machine or on a virtual machine. In this case the install will be on the local computer so the option “Role-based or feature based installation” needs to be selected.

4) On the select server role screen, you need to decide which server to install DNS on. In this case I will select NYDC1 which is the local server, however you could also select a remote server if you wanted to.

5) Once you have selected the server or servers that you want to perform the install on, the next screen will ask which roles you want to install. In this case, the only role that I need to install is DNS server.

6) In some cases you may be asked to install additional features which are required by that role. In this case, you may be asked to add the DNS management tools features. When prompted, press add feature to add the additional features to the server.

7) Once the roles have been selected, on the next screen you need to select which features are going to be installed. In this particular case, no additional features are required as the wizard would have already prompted for any required features needed by DNS to be installed.

8) The next screen will give you additional information about the DNS server. There is also a link at the bottom of the screen that will take you into the Windows help which will give you more information about DNS.

9) On the next screen you need to press install to install DNS and then close the wizard.

10) To perform administration on DNS, go in Server Manager and you will notice that an additional tile called DNS will appear. This tile will give you information about DNS running on that server.

11) To see even more information about DNS, select DNS from the left hand side in Server Manager.

12) To perform administration of the DNS server, in Server Manager select the pull down from the top right hand side called tools and select DNS from the pull down.

13) DNS Manager will automatically select the local server, if you want to perform administration on a remote server, right click DNS and select Connect to DNS server.



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