Windows Server 2012/R2 Install Requirements

This video will look at the install and minimum requirements for installing Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R12. The video also looks as some recommended requirements.

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Server 2012/R2 Hardware Requirements
For Windows Server 2012/R2, Microsoft released some install requirements. These provide the basic requirements to install Windows Server 2012/R2. Microsoft does not release minimum requirements for the server alone, rather they release minimum requirements based on what role or software that server is running. In this case, the minimum requirements for the Essentials Edition have been used. If you are using Windows Server 2012/R2 in a virtual machine, Microsoft recommends upping the RAM in the virtual machine to 800 megabytes. Once the virtual machine has started up, this can be reduced to 512 megabytes. It should also be remembered that if you plan to perform an install of the Essentials Edition, the install will require a working network card and also drivers for that network card.

Install Requirements
1.4Ghz 64bit CPU (32bit not supported)

512 Megabytes of RAM

23 Gigabytes of hard disk space

Essentials Edition requires a working network card with device drivers to install.

Minimum Requirements for Essentials Edition
1.4Ghz 64bit single core CPU

1.3Ghz 64bit multi-core CPU

2 Gigabytes of RAM

160 Gigabytes of hard disk space

160 Gigabytes system partition if possible

Optional Requirements
Microsoft also released some optional requirements for Windows Server 2012/R2. These are not required to run or install Windows Server 2012/R2. If you are running a headless server, that is no keyboard, mouse, or monitor, you will need to ensure that your bios is configured to not halt the computer during boot if these items are not detected.

DVD Drive

Super VGA (800×600) or higher resolution monitor

Keyboard and mouse (or other compatible pointing devices)

Internet access

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