Enabling Teredo on Ubuntu

This video will look at enabling Teredo on Ubuntu. Teredo is an IPv6 transitioning protocol. When enabled it allows IPv4 based clients to access IPv6 based networks. This is done without the need to have any IPv6 devices on the network or your ISP supporting IPv6 networking.

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Network Setup
A typical home network will have a DSL device that connects to the internet using IPv4. The DSL device or the ISP may not support IPv6. The setup used in this video is that a virtual router is created in the previous videos that routes traffic from the virtual network to the local network and the internet. This virtual network supports IPv6. In order to allow it to access the IPv6 internet Teredo is used. Teredo takes IPv6 packets and places them in an IPv4 packet. This is routed using the IPv4 network to a Teredo Server. The Teredo server removes the IPv6 packet encased in the IPv4 packet and then routes the packet on the IPv6 network.

1. To enable Teredo, open a terminal. To open a terminal, open the start menu and select Accessories and then select LXTerminal.

2. To ping an IPv6 address, use the command ping6. When Teredo is not enabled and there is no IPv6 networking configured, this command will return a message saying that the network is unreachable.

3. There are number of different packages in Linux that can be installed to enable Teredo support. In this case the package Miredo will be used because it is simple to install and setup. To install it run the following command “sudo apt-get install miredo”

4. Once the package has installed, when attempting to ping IPv6 addresses, a response should be received.

5. The configuration file for the Miredo package is found at /etc/miredo.conf

If you are having problems with Teredo not working, edit this file and change the server that Teredo is using. In the file there are entries for Debian and Microsoft. The default is Debian, however the Microsoft one may work better. Your ISP may have a Teredo server or there may be a public Teredo server in your area that you can use.

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