Group Policy Starter GPOs

Starter GPOS provide a template like function for Group Policy. This video looks at how to use Starter GPOS and also how to copy GPOS in the same domain and to other domains.

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Starter GPOS
A starter GPOS provides a template like function for Group Policy Objects. When a Starter GPO is created, the administrator can configure any settings in the Administrative Templates part of the Group Policy. It is not possible to configure other settings in the Starter GPO, however when the starter GPO is used to create a new Group Policy Object, any settings of the Group Policy Object can be changed.

To configure Starter GPOS, open Group Policy Management and open the Folder Starter GPOs. If Starter GPOS have not been used before, there will be a button on the right called “Create Starter GPOs folder”. When this option is selected, a number of Starter GPOS will be created. Starter GPOS that end in EC stands for Enterprise Client. Starter GPOS that end in SSLF stand for Specialized Security Limited Functionally. EC is used for standard clients. SSLF is used for high risk environments where you want additional security applied to the computer.

To create a new Starter GPO, you need to right click on Starter GPOs and select the option new. Once the Start GPO is created, it can be edited by right click in and selecting edit.

Once the Starter GPO is created, when a new Group Policy Object is created, there is a pull down option called Source Starter GPO where you will be able to select the Starter GPO that you just created. Once you create the GPO using the Starter GPO, you are free to change any settings that you want.

To copy a Group Policy Object, open Group Policy Objects, right click the Group Policy Object that you want to copy and select copy. You can than paste the Group Policy where you want it. This will only allow you to copy the Group Policy Object in the same domain. If you want to copy the group Policy Object to a different domain a work around to achieve this is to right click the Group Policy Object and select the option Back Up. To import the settings, these need to imported into an existing Group Policy. In order to only get the settings from the Backed Up Group Policy it is a good idea to create a new Group Policy object that does not have any settings configured as yet and import the Backed Up settings into this Group Policy.

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