Protected Admin

Protected Admin is essentially a term used to describe the administrator account being protected using User Account Control. This video looks at how User Account Control is used in Windows Server to protect the administrator’s account.

User Account Control
User Account Control was first added in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. It addresses an issue that was common practice in Windows XP where a user would create an administrator account and use it for day to day activity. On most computer systems, the extra rights that an administrator account provides are only used for a small amount of time. For example, if you need to install software on the computer you would need administrator access to install the software, however to run the software it is unlikely that you would require administrator access. User Account Control essentially divides the administrator account into two,a user part and an administrator part. For normal activity the user part of the administrator account is used. When administrator access is required, the administrator part of the user is used.

To force an application to run with administrator rights, right click the application and select the option “run as administrator”.

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