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Frequency Asked Questions

What kind of free training do you provide?
We offer free online videos that are available on YouTube. Each video has a comprehensive description of the video except for the older videos which may have short descriptions. We do not provide any other training like face to face training at this time.

Does your training cost anything?
There is no cost associated with any of our training.

Who provides the voice talent for the videos?
Currently the voice talent is provided by H P Lewis. You can find his web page here.

Which courses are you planning on releasing videos for?
Currently we are working on Windows Server courses. In particular we are working on the 70-410 course.
We would like to do other videos for Cisco/Linux/Exchange but presently do not have enough resources for these courses.

Do you offer any certification?
We do not provide any certification. If you want to book an exam go to http://www.prometric.com

What is modular training?
We have just started using a modular training model for are courses. New videos are on the one topic area. Some courses have overlapping material. For example a lot of courses go into material on DNS. Using a modular training model, videos that share the same material can be included in multiple courses. We believe that your time is valuable and do not want to waste it by you having to watch two videos that cover the same information. We also want to start training courses like Windows 8 as soon as possible, even before the exam objectives are released. By using modular training module we can provide videos on different operating systems as well, for example certificates in Windows 2008 and Windows 2012.

Can I get a study guide for the course?
Originally we were working on study guides to go with are courses but we have decide not to release these. We have instead created longer descriptions for each video. If you are interested in a particular topic, find a video on the topic and the description has all the relevant information about that topic. This also includes commands and scripts used in that video. We believe this makes the information more accessible especially if you want to quickly get information about only part of the video.

Can I get exam questions for the course?
We did originally have exam questions available on the site, but we had too many quality control problems with them. For this reason they have been removed and we do not create any new exam questions anymore.

Do you have any network diagrams or other materials to go with the course?
Here it is.

Can I send you an e-mail asking you questions on the course or video?
Sure. Please provide some information about the problem you are having. Saying something along the lines I am trying to connect to a server and I am getting an error does not help. Information like the error number and which operating system helps us a lot to answer your question. If you are referencing something in a video please state what the video is saying. We have over 300 videos and can’t remember what is in all of them.

I am looking for training on X, can I send you an e-mail asking you where I can find free training on X since you do not offer it?
These are 2 others sites that offer free training. If you are after something else, I suggest using google to find it. If we become aware of other sites in the future we will add them to this list.

I don’t have MSPress or other copyrighted material can you provide it?
We can’t provide free copies of products that are copyrighted or provide links to download copyrighted software so please do not ask.

Can I download the videos to watch offline?
At this stage we do not offer this. However, if you subscribe to YouTube you can use their offline play option. Our income comes from ad revenue from YouTube which we need to pay our staff.

Which software do you use to create the videos?
We use PowerPoint to create the initial presentation. Video capture is done with Camtasia. The PowerPoint graphics are then recreated in After Effects and timed to the audio. The video editing is done in Premire Pro. All adobe versions are CC.

Can I re-post your resources on my own site/blog etc?
Yes you can. You can copy and paste the descriptions as well if you wish. You can also embed the videos on your web site as well. As long as you are not uploading the videos to your own YouTube Channel or changing the content re posting is fine.

When do exams expire?
Go to the following link to find out when an exam expires. http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/retired-certification-exams.aspx

My exam has expired can I still sit it?
If the exam is listed as expired go to www.prometric.com and see if you can still book it. If they are still allowing you to schedule an exam you can still sit it and it will count. However, I would not waste any time because once you can no longer schedule a test you can no longer sit that test at all.

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