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About us

IT Free Training mission is simple. Provide you with the best quality IT training at zero cost to you. This makes IT Free Training one of the most popular training sites on the internet. Learn at your own pace and your own time from the beginner to the professional.

Why free training?

When we first started we found it very hard to compete in a market with established companies and products. Why buy from us when there are established companies in the market place. After making a few sales here and there as a joke we said, why don’t we just give this away? Is it possible to give something away and not ask for anything in return? We quickly drew up a marketing plan and found… Yes it is.

Our plan is simple. Have interesting complete training courses available online. No registration required. No download required. No having to create a justification to show your boss. Just dive in and get started. What could be easier? Aren’t the best things in life free?

Why are you different?

Our computer based training differs from other vendors in that we focus on making even an often dry area like computers interesting to learn about. We do this by hiring professional voice actors to make the information presented sound more interesting. We add graphics and animation that gives the spoken word more impact. Gone are the days of the traditional white board with dull voice over. We even hire a script writer to edit and give the script more impact. Of course, everything is checked by a trainer before it is released to ensure it is accurate.

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