What’s new in Certificate Services Windows Server 2012

This video will quickly look at the new features in certificate services in Windows Server 2012.

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New Features
With Windows Server 2012, there are 6 new features included with Active Directory Certificate Services. These are as follows.
Server Core Support: This allows certificate services to run on a Windows Server 2012 running the Server Core interface.
PowerShell Support: With Windows Server 2012, support has improved to use and manage certificates using PowerShell.
Support for automatic renewal for non-domain computers: Certificate services allow certificates that were issued to non-domain computers for these certificates to be renewed automatically. The certificate needs to be issued manually to start with, but this feature allows the certificate to be renewed automatically rather than having to be renewed manually which was required before.
Enforcement of certificate renewal with same key: During the renewal process, a new key can be used to renew an old certificate. In the case of devices like a TPM, the key is stored in the hardware which is secure. In cases like this, it is safe to renew the certificate with the same key rather than a new key. If this feature is used, the client needs to be running Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012.
Support for international domain names: Additional support has been added to support international characters in certificate names.
Site awareness for AD CS and PKI clients: Windows Server 2012 adds the ability for AD CS to detect which site a client is in.

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